Morro Bay, CA

We are now officially on the road! Our first stop was Morro Bay, CA, a little coastal town above Santa Barbara. A great spot for seafood lovers with lots of dining options. We enjoyed fish and chips at Giovanni’s Fish Market which is located on the waterfront right in front of the big rock in the bay. One thing we noticed were lots of second hand, vintage and antique markets. In our old life this would have been heaven, but in our little Airstream – no room to buy anything….uuuggghhh it’s killing me!!!!

We stayed at Morro Bay State Park and found it to be ideally located less than 2 miles from the heart of town, but still in a wooded, quiet area close to the beach. In the morning we headed to Kitty’s Diner for breakfast – the most amazing homemade biscuits and crisp, perfectly cooked bacon – yum!

2 Comments on “Morro Bay, CA

  1. Hey you guys looks like your starting off your journey in the perfect way. This is so fun for me as well.🌅🌄🏕⛺️🏔🌁 Happy Trails, Helen

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  2. Sounds like you 4 are having a great time right out of the gate! Love San Fran, so many neat things to see, have to go to the top of The Mark for drinks!


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