San Francisco, CA

We spent the day in San Francisco which was an easy BART ride from the Alameda Fairgrounds RV Park on the Pleasanton/Dublin line. We dropped the puppies off at doggie boarding for a day of professional grooming (a first for them as I always did it myself) and an overnight stay. It’s crazy how much I miss them (limited myself to only one check-in call) and I can’t wait to see how cute they look when we pick them up tomorrow.

So our must do’s in SF include waterfront seafood near Pier 39 (clam chowder bread bowls), the vintage arcade where you can play all the games – including some pretty creepy old time maniquins that talk and even an “opium den” re-creation (WTF??), Ghiradelli ice cream (yes, I died and went to heaven over their sea salt, caramel and hot fudge chocolate-dipped waffle bowl), Chinatown and lots of walking because the cable cars were packed 🚃🚃🚃.

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