San Antonio, TX and The Alamo

We love San Antonio, Texas!!!  San Antonio is the 7th largest U.S. city and one of the biggest we have been to in the last month.  It’s also home of the Alamo, the historic 18th century Catholic mission and site of the famous battle between the Mexican and Texian Army.  Now it’s a gorgeous old building surrounding lush gardens and knarled old trees.  The historic old church (no interior pics allowed) is so beautiful with soaring ceilings and wrought iron chandeliers.  It’s strange that this landmark is located in the middle of downtown near the Riverwalk that fronts the San Antonio River.

After so many small towns, it’s wonderful for this city girl to be near a mall again 😊. Not just any mall either, but the Riverwalk fronts the beautiful winding San Antonio River that loops under bridges as two parallel stone sidewalks lined with restaurants and shops front either side.  The toughest part of the day was deciding where to eat.  The Riverwalk is lined with everything from authentic Mexican restaurants with serenading mariachi bands to high class hotel bars with yummy appetizers. We decided on Asian food because I was craving sushi.  Tomorrow, for sure, we are going for authentic Texas bbq!

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