San Antonio, TX – Sea World and BBQ

We had some strange weather at Sea World today. ¬†It was 81 degrees, thunder, lightening and off/on raining, so this is the reason for shorts and rain slickers ūüĆā. ¬†Despite a bit of a soaking, we had a fun day. ¬†The shows were really good, especially the diving/water acrobatics. ¬†We went on some rides and enjoyed the Halloween decorations along with kids dressed up for trick or treating. ¬†It’s hard to believe October ūüéÉ is here, but with Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the Florida coast and heading straight for one of our upcoming destinations – ¬†Charleston, SC – we might have to do some re-routing. ¬†I sure hope not because I was really looking forward to seeing Charleston for the first time and hope everyone is able to stay safe.

As promised, we had some authentic Texas BBQ. ¬†We found a well reviewed hole in the wall near our KOA campground and when we fist pulled up, Joel was ready to keep going. ¬†He kept asking me “are you sure you want to eat here?” ¬†It truly was a dive joint, but the food was good and neither of us got sick, so I consider that a success!

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