Savannah, GA


We got into town late on a Saturday afternoon and found that the KOA we planned to stay at was booked for the night. We earlier joined an organization called Harvest Hosts, which allows RVers to stay the night for free at a network of farms, vineyards and agri-tourism locations.  This is how we wound up staying in an old hay field in Savannah, GA.  Our host, Cherri Keller runs Kellers Flea Market ( and was such a pleasure with her sweet Southern Georgia charm.  Joel and I love flea markets, so that was an added bonus for us to shop at the next day.  Unfortunately, (because we have no room!!!), we did not leave empty handed….ughhh!

The old farm was so cute, decorated with antique hit-n-miss engines, old automobiles, tractors and weathered wood shacks topped with tin roofs.  I love the two antique teapots and brand new Kenneth Cole boots that I found.  They have a mix of old and new items and don’t miss the yummy southern breakfast cooked up fresh at Janie Arkwright’s Kitchen – I am still thinking about the best bacon! Ever!!



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