San Diego

Hello, our travels have come to an end in my hometown of San Diego.  We just moved into our new home and we are super excited to have our own private bathroom!! You cannot appreciate the convenience, cleanliness, and privacy until you have exclusively used public restrooms for 6 months – seriously! We took our Airstream back to the LA dealer for resale. Yes, it was a bit sad, but Joel and I have no plans to do any camping for quite some time and storage costs are very high. She is better off finding a new home with someone who will enjoy her instead of gathering dust and dings in some backlot storage facility.


With having a home and a garage, Joel and I quickly got back to one of our favorite hobbies, refinishing old furniture. I made quick work of our 4 piece Thomasville dressers and night stands, they are now a beautiful Paris gray. Also, I just finished a buffet and I am starting on our breakfast dining room set next. We have been busy these last few weeks going to estate sales, flea markets, etc.  I found these great vintage bottle capping tools, they are old iron (??), very heavy and have a great rust patina – I love them ❤️!!

Ok, finished refinishing the dining room set and getting ready to start my new job in two days, so much happening right now — but it’s all good! God bless!!!



One Comment on “San Diego

  1. Wow! Back to the refinishing biz, looks great! Happy you are getting settled nicely.


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